Treatment Prices

(what's in it for you and what's in it for me)

A Medical Massage

treatment for any Musculoskeletal Condition.  

(That is just a fancy schmancy way of saying Skeletal Muscle Condition).  


The doctor might tell you that you have a "Soft-Tissue Injury" which refers to MUSCLE, LIGAMENT and TENDON tissue. Also, for pinched NERVE TISSUE (or Nerve Impingement) by either a tight muscle squeezing sensitive nerve fibers against bone OR between two (or more) tight muscles.  A third medical/ physical problem created by tight muscles is when they pull bones of your skeletal system out of alignment.  If tight muscles are the cause of the problem, then Medical Massage is your solution.  Medical Massage includes Deep Tissue Massage. Swedish Massage, and Active Assisted Stretching. Deep Tissue refers to Deep Muscle Tissue, the muscles closer to and clinging to your bones.                   30 min              $45.00 

                              60 min             $80.00 

                              60 min             $105.00


Below is a partial list of Musculoskeletal problems treatable with Medical Massage:


-Upper and Lower Back Problems

-Tennis Elbow

-Golfer’s Elbow

-Whiplash, Your-neighbor and other pains in the neck

-Thrower’s Shoulder

-Swimmer’s Shoulder

-Frozen Shoulder

-Rotator Cuff Injuries

-Sciatica, Sacroiliac Joint Sprain, Your-boss and other pains in the rear.

-Plantar Fasciitis, bursitis, Hammer-Toe and many other foot pains and“itises”

-Knee problems

-some headaches



A Swedish Massage is a relaxing massage on your skin and Superficial Muscles (muscles just below your skin).

                               $75.00 per hour


Aroma Therapy is a mist of  Aromatic Essential Oils (referenced in the bible) which floats in the air and is also infused in your massage oil treatment during your session.  Your choice, of Frankincense, Myrrh, Hyssop, and Spikenard.   Also available is Sweet Orange, Lavender and Almond Oils.                                                                $20.00 per session

Home and Office Visits (within Monroe and Orleans Counties)

I will travel to your home or office with my table, sheets and music so that you don't have to drive after your massage.             $20.00-$30.00 extra


                  Inversion Table Therapy.


                        Immediately following a Deep Tissue Massage, when all of

                           your muscles are pliable any you are feeling like a wet rag,

                           laying inclined will allow you to stretch fully thus restoring

                           lost space within all of your joint capsules.                                                                 Must mention at time of booking.                                                                                      Physical Restrictions apply.    


Posture and Height Improvement Package

Complete Postural Assessment

3 Deep Tissue Medical Massages

Inversion Table Therapy 

Stretchercises (explained, demonstrated, documented)

Exercise Equipment (convenient and portable)


The Wellness Package is 3 Medical Massage Treatments with Assessment and Review. 3 Supervised Inversion Table Treatments and one BONUS Tingling, Invigorating and Soothing Peppermint Foot Massage.



Wellness Massage Package


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