What is Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

When you read the words, DEEP TISSUE, do you imagine reaching into the box of Kleenex for the last sheet, or am I the only one?  People (just like onions and ogre)  have many layers.  So here I am, like a chicken in the refrigerator, with its skin and fat removed.  In the first position, you see the Superficial layer of muscle tissue. These are the muscles that you see on TV shows like Baywatch and Hawaiii 5-O.  While they exist in the real world, they are often covered with layers of fluff from consuming too much Fluff.  In the second position, we see the Deep Muscle Tissues as well as the third.  It is these Deeper Muscle Tissues which HAVE to be addressed in order to effectively treat your real Chronic Pain Problems. 


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