Customer Testimonial: Treating Tight Muscles after the arm had been mobilized.  Treating Sciatic Nerve Impingment.

Gary has helped me out with two medical issues. The first time that I went to him was after I had hurt my elbow and it was in a sling for two weeks.    It was painful to stretch and I just wasn’t able to straighten my arm.  I had been going to physical therapy but couldn’t afford to go as often as they had wanted me to come in.   Gary worked on my arm.  First he massaged the arm and then he instructed me to bend my arm (everyone else was straightening it painfully) while he held it.  Little by little, my arm opened up and it did not even hurt to do so.  It was so much easier to do the physical therapy exercises in order to regain the strength in my arm.  


Another time I went to him, I was suffering with Sciatica Pain.  He told me to wear comfortable clothes because he was going to be stretching me. I was glad that I didn’t have to get undressed either time.  He took the time to explain to me what the Sciatica Nerve was and why it was hurting. He explained to me what he was going to do and why it was going to help me. He worked through my clothes. He had me lay on my stomach first so that he could work on my hips then he had me turn over on to my back, where we worked together to stretch the muscles that were pinching the Sciatic Nerve.  He showed me what to do at home.  


I told my son about it when he complained about his knee pain. He called me afterward and thanked me for telling him about Gary because he said that it was only one visit and he was back to normal.  


I know that Laying On Of Hands Rehabilitative Massage is just a clever name for a massage practice but to me and my family, it was miraculous.   However, when Gary explains it, it sounds so simple.  


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