Is there a female massage?

 No. There is just one massage therapist.  He is good, professional, and always looking out for your best interests.  Did I mention that he was GOOD?  I mean, he really is.

Do I have to get undressed?  Will I be covered if I do? 

The type of work I do could be accomplished while you are wearing gym clothes.  However, I use a deep tissue lotion to apply to areas where I need to work.  You are encouraged to undress to your comfort level, whatever that might be.  While you are on the table, you will be fully covered with a sheet.  The majority of the time, people keep their underpant(ie)s on.  Some people wear a G-string.  I wouldn't know what you were wearing, since I don't uncover your Glutes (backside) to treat them.  I don't need to.  During your massage, I only uncover limbs as I need to.  Then I cover them back up.    

Here is what we are pretty much seeing when you are on our table, (in case you were wondering).

What does Rehabilitative Massage mean?  Do I have to buy expensive bands?

Rehabilitative Massage combines basic Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and stretching.  The homework that I provide involves you and the nearest wall.  Nothing further to buy (unless you don't have a wall).  Stretching is not painful, nor is anything else for that matter.  

Do you take insurance?  Do you offer discounts?  While health care insurance does not cover massage, some Workman's Comp and Liability Insurances do when its prescribed by a doctor.  I am willing to work with those insurances but you have to understand that the insurance companies will only cover work in the areas prescribed by your doctor and that pertain to the location of your injury. I honor our senior's with a 10% discount.  I also honor our brave men and women FIRST RESPONDERS of the Police Dept, Fire Dept, and Paramedic crews with a 15% discount.

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