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Elimination within your muscles.  How can you or I know if your pain is because of your muscles?  It's actually a simple self test.  Grab the area that you hurt.  Now let go.  Now ask yourself, "Have I had an accident lately which brought about these symptoms?"  If you answered  "No", then you probably have a Repetitive Stress Injury, or injury due to something that you did over time.    I consider pain to be a Frienemy.  Pain tells you that something is kinda wrong and if you don't pay attention to it, something will become very wrong.  You do want pain to let you know your limitations but you don't want pain to overstay its welcome. Right?  Also, you do want pain to be around and remind you that something needs maintenance or repair, until you've done something to restore your body.  Why??   Numbing your pain with drugs will not repair the injury, it will only make you think that it's better.  However, it's going to get worse BECAUSE you won't have the pain to tell you that you're doing more damage.  I liken this to your dash board warning lights.  If your approach to the check engine light Is to ignore it, your car will eventually break down and leave you stranded,  and so will your body.  Similar to your car, due to the way we walk, the way we sit, the way that we lift and carry things, and the way that we work, we can easily become "out of alignment" meaning that our muscles are out of balance.  Look into the mirror.  Are you symmetrical?  While it is normal to have a slight difference between the right and left side of the body, it's not normal to have a significant difference.  Are your shoulders at the same height?  Does your head cock to one side?  Does your head rotate from one side to the other.  Is your trunk slightly bent to one side? Are your hips unequal in height?  Raise your arms from your sides to above your head?  Do they go up to the same level?  Do they go up at the same speed? Any one inequality can make your daily activities uncomfortable or even difficult. Lastly, when you stand for awhile or raise your arms, is there pain?  You should not be in pain. 


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