I'm sorry that you are hurting, but you've honestly come to the best place for treatment of Sciatic Nerve Pain, Rotator Cuff Injury, and even Plantar Fasciitis.


I am going to do my best to get you out of your pain and back to your life as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.   Sounds too good to be true but it's not.

It'll first require a shift in the way that you currently understand things which ought not to be very hard to do.  I promise to make it clear and understandable to you because that in itself should alleviate your anxiety.  While it is not anxiety that is causing your discomfort, anxiety can make a whole lot of things a whole lot worse.  Let me gain (or lose) a little trust right now through an experiment.   Think of your pain. On a scale of 1-10,  where 1 is no pain and 10 is worst pain, what number would you give it.   Don't worry about being too specific, the number isn't important right now.   Just take a deep breath in and close your eyes.  Think about pink elephants.  With your eyes closed, exhale.  Has that number on your personal pain scale dropped even just a little?  Likely. Why?  Because when we are anxious, nervous or fearful, we tense up.   When we tense up, we become uncomfortable.  Not only do our muscles tense up but our "WholeOfMe", our

 constitution, our stature becomes tense.  This makes the bad worse and the uncomfortable painful.


So mind shift one:  The more comfortable that you are, the better that you will respond to treatment.   Therefore, primary massage moves such as kneading and rubbing (otherwise known as Swedish Massage techniques) will create a relaxing response. Your care provider (such as your doctor, nurse, massage

therapist, physical therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, shaman, etc.) should also have a relaxing demeanor and environment.  How comfortable is their waiting room?

and their treatment room?

Here is what I offer.

In my office, their is a large muscle poster for me to point out what muscles are most likely causing you a problem, fresh fruit, and at your option, a Heavy Duty Incline Table to follow your massage while your muscles are most pliable.  I've added some support features to decrease stress on feet, ankles and knees.  You can also enjoy the freshest cup of coffee out of a large variety of Keurig cups.  In the private (and separate)  windowless warm, quiet, treatment room, you'll relax with (electric) candlelight and soft music while looking up at an Adirondack starry night sky.

Anxiety is reduced when you understand your condition and your treatment.  There is a condition called "Netsearchnausea".  It occurs when people and their loved ones go to their computers for medical advice without a medical diagnosis.  The more research that you do on your own, the worse you feel.  In fact, symptoms spontaneously seem to keep appearing the more that you learn about "that rare disease that someone in Paraguey contracted from a mosquito that bit them when they were in Bosnia on their honeymoon while corral reef diving, which you might have gotten from them when they were visiting their Aunt Myrtle a month ago and saw a movie in your local theater and sneezed and spittle got onto the armrest that you laid your arm  on which got into your body because the darn cat scratched your arm while you were just petting it last week";p0009.  So relax.  Back away from the computer,  besides  working there is the leading cause of Carple Tunnel Syndrome (which is EASILY treated by massage by the way).

Mind Shift Two: It's probably NOT Cancer or some other disease.  It's probably NOT bones out of alignment, either.  It's probably caused by skeletal muscle. How do you test for that?  Ask yourself, "Did the pain occur after anaccidental fall or did it occur after a period of repetitive movements related to your sport, your job, or some other daily activity such as yard work or housework?"  Many of our frequent aches and pains are because of something that we did, not what was outside of our control (albeit, injuries from auto and work accidents would be considered outside of our control).  So when we overuse a muscle, as the muscle tightens, it pulls on its tendons and ligaments, which pull on our bones. Often, a muscular injury can come the day AFTER heavy work as well, when our muscles are tight and we call on them to do more work.  This can include simply bending over to pick up a pencil.   Our muscle tissue is designed to do two things.  When it is active, it becomes shorter but thicker.  When it's inactive it stretches out and returns to its previous length and thickness.    Now imagine all those muscle fibers pulling at the same time.  When you flex your muscles, your muscle becomes thicker and shorter.  Right?  The pain isn't in your flexible muscles, but rather in the inflexible tendons and ligaments.  Through massage, the muscles can be elongated through relaxation and stretching, which decreases the pull upon the tendons and ligaments and decreases your pain.  When their is decreased pulling, healing can begin.  Without decreased pulling, micro-tears in bodily tissue cannot reconnect and heal.  Throughout our muscles are nerve cells.  Some of them are set up to tell us when body tissue is overstretched (proprioceptors), and by ignoring the pain, an injury will occur.  Bones

don't go out of alignment without a lot of help.  Even after a good fall you should be alright.  Unless you are very frail (age having something to do with it), you should be able to survive a fall without having to go to a physical therapist or a chiropractor.  However, getting a muscular injury after falling is very possible. 

Mindset Three: Balance is Key.  What goes up must come down.  For every action, there is an opposite reaction.  Our bodies are greatly designed with balance within our musculature.   For every muscle in our body, there are at least one (often more) which works to restore it to its previous state.  Generally speaking, muscles on the back of your body are balanced by the muscles in the front of your body, and vise versa.


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