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I am the owner and massage therapist.  I don't have another massage therapist working with me, so if you want/need to have a female massage therapist, there are many of them in the area. 

A Medical Massage involves a treatment for a Musculoskeletal Condition.  That is just a fancy schmancy way of saying Skeletal Muscle Condition.  The doctor might tell you that you have a "Soft-Tissue Injury" to: MUSCLE tissue, LIGAMENT tissue and TENDON tissue which a Medical Massage is what will help you.  Also, IF you have pinched NERVE TISSUE (also called Nerve Impingement) by a tight muscle SQUEEZING it against a bone, then releasing that tight muscle will decrease the pressure on the nerve and your strength and sensation will be restored. Furthermore, a nerve can also be pinched BETW EEN two (or more) tight muscles.  If tight muscles are the cause of the problem, then Medical Massage is your solution.  Medical Massage includes Deep Tissue Massage. Swedish Massage, and Active Assisted Stretching. Deep Tissue refers to Deep Muscle Tissue, the muscles closer to and clinging to your bones.  I include a $20.00 discount for your next treatment because many times, a Musculoskeletal Injury requires at least two massage treatments.    Below is a partial list of Musculoskeletal problems treatable with Medical Massage:


-Upper and Lower Back Problems

-Tennis Elbow

-Golfer’s Elbow

-Whiplash, Your-neighbor and other pains in the neck

-Thrower’s Shoulder

-Swimmer’s Shoulder

-Frozen Shoulder

-Rotator Cuff Injuries

-Sciatica, Sacroiliac Joint Sprain, Your-boss and other pains in the rear.

-Plantar Fasciitis, bursitis, Hammer-Toe and many other foot pains and“itises”

-Knee problems

-some headaches



A Swedish Massage is your everyday, Superficial Muscles massage.  The Superficial Muscles are the muscles just below your skin and adipose tissue.   Aroma Therapy is a mist of  Aromatic Essential Oils referenced in the bible floats in the air during your massage.  You have a choice, of Frankincense, Myrrh, Hyssop, and Spikenard.


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