Laying On Of Hands 

Rehabilitative Massage

Massage Therapist's medium is oil, skin and soft tissue. When muscles have areas of congestion, referred to as "knots" or "Trigger Points", the muscles can be softened,  smoothed out and lengthened as if they were clay in order to rebalance the muscles and bring the skeletal system back into alignment to relieve chronic pain.


Heading 1

Massage Therapists are to muscle as Sculpters  are to clay.

My commitment to you begins 

before we meet in person.

You might think that the cost is too high to come in for a visit (compared to other forms of treatment, it is SO not), but I want you to have confidence that you are going to benefit from your treatment.  I encourage you to contact me to make an appointment to use FaceTime or Skype so that we can talk face to face at no charge.   You can show me where you are hurting and ask me any questions.   The question that everyone ought to have is: Can I benefit from your treatment?   I will honestly tell you whether or not the condition that you have is treatable by me.

The last thing that I want you to do is to waste your money or to be further frustrated by poor results.


Before treatment begins, we'll review your Health History and Consent For Massage Form (which I'll send to you on-line so that you can fill it out ahead of our appointment time).  Then we'll perform a Postural Analysis.  I'll explain and point out the muscles which are most likely causing your pain.

At which point, well go into the warm treatment room where I'll determine in what position we'll begin your treatment. Face up, you'll see a beautiful starry night.  Face down, you'll see the inside of your eyelids. Then I'll step out and allow you as much time as you need to get undressed (to YOUR comfort level) and on to the table between the sheets.

Swedish Massage/ Sport Massage/

Deep-Tissue Massage/Active Release Technique (ART)

Let the treatment commence!!!!  Soft music, aromatherapy (optional), candles, massage, active stretching, massage, massage, flip over, massage, massage, finish with active stretching.


Would you like to further your stretching by hanging upside down?  Great for the spine from tail down to top.  Perhaps some fruit? Coffee?  Shall we see each other again?  How would you like to pay for todays visit?  I accept most major credit cards, cash or checks are fine. * Perhaps you need to be creative with payment? Yes?  What gift card do you have where I may also shop?


* I want everyone to have treatment and for no one to suffer or have unnecessary surgery, so short of a bushel of wheat or a peck of pickles, how do you need to pay for your treatment?


Call Me

(585) 376-BACK "2225"

Laying On Of Hands Massage

333 Metro Park Suite M103

Brighton NY 14623

Wheel Chair Accessible


Located on the first floor inside the Metro Park Building Complex.  Look for the brown UPS box in the center of the building.  Metro Park Business Complex can be seen clearly from Brighton-Henrietta-Town-Line Rd but there is a hedgerow which blocks it from Metro Park.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Wednesday 10:00am-8:00pm
Thursday-Friday 10:00am-5:00pm
By appointment
Closed Saturday and Sunday
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